Itai Armon

World music

Itai Armon travels across diverse soundscapes and cultural traditions. His original compositions combine the ancient music of the Mediterranean and Central Asia with modern arrangements and motifs.





The Riders


Neshama Yetera





Itai Armon is a musician, composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist, specializing in the Persian tar.

Itai began his musical journey playing flute and studying Western classical music and jazz. He then began studying the ancient music of the Mediterranean and Central Asia. Throughout his travels (in Israel, South America, India, Nepal, Egypt, Greece, and Turkey, among others), he integrated various musical traditions and began to develop a unique compositional style influenced by the diverse cultures he encountered. The compositions are inspired by Itai’s extensive travels, combining a modern sound with the ancient music of these regions — as well as the musical traditions of his native Israel.

Itai studied ancient music and the Persian tar with various teachers, including Piris Eliyahu (Israel) and Hooshang Farahani (Iran). Throughout the past decade, he has performed with many different ensembles and musical groups and also composes music for dance and theatre performances. In the beginning of 2016, Itai released his debut album of original world music: Moments.


Itai Armon’s debut album

Moments features original ethnic music inspired by the diverse cultures, traditions, of the Mediterranean, Central Asia, as well as contemporary music. The unique combination of traditional instruments and modern arrangements creates a refreshing sound that draws the listener into a journey across varied landscapes and cultures to the intersection of ancient and new.

Each piece represents a moment from the composer’s life — from living in Safed, the Negev Desert and the Dead Sea, on to journeys in South America, India and the Near East, and back to his home in the hills of Jerusalem. Through Moments, we are all invited along for the trip.


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